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Jawhara Egypt is the leading company in Egypt in the field of Jewellery in terms of size of investment and the number of branches and quality of product. we started in Egypt in 1999 by one branch and now we have twenty-one branches across Egypt, we started in 1999 by one branch and now we have twenty-one branches

Our plan for 2019 is to open more Extra branches in Cairo and many other provinces, so by the end of 2019 Jawhara will be located in Six cities by twenty six branches .

Store Number 90A

Contact Info Tel: 01066619241

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Jewelers & Watches


Jel Activ

The company’s internal production combined with an in-house graphic design department, with the skills and techniques to create garments and shoes and complete ranges of accessories in order to satisfy the needs of clients and professional clubs alike.

The combination of quality and service has resulted in coming technical sponsor to a vast number of professional clubs, from junior amateur teams to some of the most famous clubs in Egypt and our plan to be around the world, not just in the world of football but also volleyball, basketball and many sports .


The passion for sport and the continued investment into the research of new technologies and new fabrics has brought on a course to the forefront of innovation and product quality.

Our products, which carry the label, do not release toxic or carcinogenic substances which are often used during the production of fabrics, and thereby attest to absolute safety and respect for health.

The attention and scrupulous control as to the origin of the raw materials allow, therefore, compliance with the most stringent European health standards.

Quality, innovative design and state of the art materials are the characteristics which

All our brand is having good value in all over the world so our brand is the best on Mission

Our work has always been at the service of those who want a better life through the professionalism and enjoyment of sporting activity.

Our mission is to produce products which combine style, comfort and technical fabrics, perfect for supporting athletes of every sport and at every level.

And through our shoes chain and our wholesale clines to try to arrived to all our customs in all over Egypt

We plan now to open new shop in USA, and Europe to increase our customer qty to be arrived to all   people.

Store Number 123

Contact Info Email: [email protected]

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Fashion - Sports



Ever since its foundation in 1940, Kabo has been known in the Middle East & the Arab countries for producing high quality Egyptian cotton products under the license of Jil which is supported by Jil technical team in France.

Jil product known for men underwear previously targeting a middle aged fashionable male with a conservative but innovative design is now targeting men, women, and children of all ages.

KABO has the exclusive rights to operate & sell Jil brand, the largest distributed underwear & lounge-wear brand in Egypt, the Middle East & the African countries.

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Store Number 123

Contact Info Tel: +2034286585/6

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Fashion - Kids & Toy Shops

Fashion - Men

Fashion - Women & Lingerie