Kids & Teens

From the gentle twirl of the carousel to the thrill of go-karts whizzing up to 40 MPH around the indoor track to the laser fight indoor arenas, you set the pace of your entertainment.


Horror Zone

The horror zone is a unique experience that needs courage and determination to get out of the cursed horror zone

The horror zone is the only place that can raise the level of adrenaline to unprecedented degrees, taking you on a tour to another parallel world inhabited by a group of evil spirits.

Ready for a challenge?!

Store Number 260

Contact Info Tel: 01066500006
Email: [email protected]

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Strikers’ Bowling

Are you looking for something fun to do? Do you want to do something that the whole family can participate in? Strikers ‘ bowling is the place to go! We are a bowling center that operates 4 lanes with bumper gutters where the whole family can enjoy the game in the same lane. We also have Billiards and Tennis table. It’s a great place to have Birthday or corporate parties in the bowling alley. Stop by striker ‘ bowling and experience the most memorable moments.

Ticket for 70EGP per person.

Store Number 273

Contact Info Tel: 01272950726

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Sky zone

No wings are needed to hit the sky!
Escape the usual and Reach the outer space with SKY ZONE. The largest entertainment hub located at Dandy Mega Mall.

Sky Zone is set on an area of 1100 square meters, in order to offer an ultimate experience of air rebound by its ONE OF A KIND TRAMPOLINE, games included in the trampoline area: Free Jump, Slam Dunk, Dodge Ball, Cage Ball, Performance Wall, and Big Air Bag.
And to achieve the mission of 360’s playfulness, we took enjoyment to a whole other level, throughout the -15*15 SQM- skating area to learn & play ice hockey. Moreover, 3 virtual reality glasses are at your disposal to provide a 3D simulation for computer games.

-Trampoline 1H for 125EGP

-Skating 30mins for 50EGP

-VR 10mins for 50EGP

– Horror zone 5mins for 50EGP

Store Number 274 - 255

Contact Info Tel: 01066500006
Email: [email protected]

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“Renaissance” chain of cinemas is currently operating 99 screens stretching all over Egypt and Jordan with a planned expansion of 65 screens by the year 2013.

The main aim and vision of Renaissance is to provide its guests with the ultimate movie going experience.

Our luxurious cinemas feature state of the art picture and sound quality, with top notch digital and 3D projection systems.

Our theaters provide you with wall to wall screens and stadium-like seats for a spectacular view of the screen and comfortable leg-space and seating.

Our professional yet friendly staff will cater to your every need to meet your satisfaction and expectation.

We look forward to welcoming you at Renaissance Cinemas 🙂

Store Number Cinema

Contact Info Tel: 02-3344-4688


Noos Karting

Noos venue has a variety of Karts that suit everyone who wants to race against time, no matter which age group they belong to. We have various types of Karts; such as Cadets for kids starting from 5 years old (min. 100 CM), and Rental Karts that a 10-year-old kid can drive (min. 140 CM). We are open daily from 6 PM to 11 PM except Sundays.

Normal ticket  330 LE for 10 Min. session.

Birthday packages are 260 LE minimum 15 persons

Store Number Behind Dandy MegaMall Alexandria rd.

Contact Info Tel: 01212203201

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My Town

My Town is one of the new entertainment brands owned by Fun World International Co My Town is based on a mini edutainment center (play role) and a big play structure with other activities. In My Town, kids will find a variety of play activities such as slides, trampolines, obstacle courses & climbing walls. The entire play structure is built as a soft-play environment to ensure safety goes hand in hand with fun.

My Town

  هي إحدى العلامات التجارية الترفيهية الجديدة المملوكة لشركة العثيم للاستثمار والسياحة صممت مدينة ماي تاون لتكون مدينة نابضة بالحياة ومليئة ببرامج الاطفال التعليمية الشيقة التي تساعدهم لاستكشاف عالمهم الذي يفوق الخيال. حيث تهدف أنشطة ماي تاون الى التعليم بالترفيه  داخل ماي تاون سوف يجد الأطفال العديد من أنشطة الالعاب مثل العاب القفز والتسلق والتزحلق وغيرهامن الالعاب التي تم بنائها بالكامل كبيئة تضمن توافر السلامة جنبا إلى جنب مع المتعة

Ticket  150 EGP  per child




Store Number 255

Contact Info Tel: 01125584450 – 011255
Email: [email protected]

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The Golden Theatre

Once upon a time there existed a country that is so beautiful, rich, and cultured. This country was heartbroken to see her children grow unfamiliar with her beauty, antiquity, culture, and overall identity. For this country’s children were losing touch with their origins because of their western education, foreign celebrations and forgotten civilization. So, sad Egypt cried tears of sorrow over the coming generations and was determined to bring its children closer to their remarkable Egyptian identity by communicating its story through its theatrical education.

عن المسرح

نتشرف بالعرض علي سيادتكم ملخص بما تقوم به مؤسسه المسرح الذهبي من آعمال فنيه تعيد مسرح الإستعراضي والغنائي للطفل من جديد وتحاكي التراث المصري الأصيل الذي يعد أحد أهم الركائز الأساسية التي تحافظ على الهوية المصرية و ثقافة الوطن علي مر التاريخ و من آجل ذلك جاءت فكره المسرح الذهبي لإحياء التراث الفني والثقافي بمختلف أشكاله من خلال صور غنائية وعروض مسرحيه إستعراضية آبطالها من اطفال المدارس الدوليه في محاوله لإنقاذهم من التغريب وضياع لغتهم العربيه الجميله بحكم البيئه المحيطه ومناهجهم المدرسيه التي تزعزع العلاقة بينهم و بين تراثهم و وطنهم الكبير و ثقافتهم التي اقرها وآكد عليها دستور مصر وهو ما دفعنا علي ضروره الحفاظ عليه

Store Number 281

Contact Info Tel: 01001777708
[email protected]

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Fabyland is one of the new entertainment brands owned by Fun World International Co.

 It offers a variety of games that include all games categories for the whole family such as team games, video games, profit games, award games , kids games and skill games. With the latest and most entertaining games including Mini Miami. Happy Swing, Jump Around, climbing wall, carousel, Mini Drop Tower, Mini rocking Tug, and Bumper midi cars which will definitely fascinates all ages.

  إحدى العلامات التجارية الترفيهية الجديدة المملوكة لشركة عالم المرح الدولية للأستثمارFabyland

تقدم Fabyland

مجموعة متنوعة من الألعاب التي تشمل جميع فئات الألعاب مثل ألعاب الفريق وألعاب الفيديو وألعاب الربح وألعاب الجائزة بالإضافة إلى ألعاب الأطفال وألعاب المهارة لجميع الفئات العمرية لجميع أفراد الأسرة. مع أحدث الألعاب و اكثرها إمتاعًا وتسلية بما في ذلك سباق الخيول , التوب دانسر , تصادم السيارات , التسلق , سبيد واى , الهابى سوينج , الدروب تاور , جامب اروند , السفينة والعديد من الألعاب.


Chargeable Card for 15EGP

Minimum charge for the card is 50EGP

Games prices start from 12EGP to 30 EGP.

Store Number 310

Contact Info Tel: 01124494658
Email: [email protected]

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Adrenalin Combat zone

Adrenalin Combat Zone is the Most Realistic Laser Fight Arena in the Middle East. On 1,000 Sq. M. Multi-Level Fully Themed Indoor Arenas, Players must use their Laser Guns toTag their Opponents to complete Special Forces Tactical Missions. In “The City” Arena,Players will be running out of Jail, between Houses, in Rural Markets, to Urban Streets Surrounded byGunfire Sound Effects to complete an Impossible Mission in this Crazy City, while in “The Factory” Arena, Players will know that it’s not a regular Factory but a Chemical Weapon Development Center, and theirMission is to Kill the FactoryBoss in order to Save the World The old Laser Storm Technology is over. Now all Electronics communicate Wireless using Safe Infrared and Radio Frequencies. Missions are customization based on the age and group size. Age start from 10 years. Score is Displayed and Printed after each Mission.

15mins for 100EGP

30mins for 120EGP

45mins for 160EGP

1H for 180EGP

Store Number 257

Contact Info Tel: 0235394510 - 01110014177 - 01225001008

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