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From the gentle twirl of the carousel to the thrill of go-karts whizzing up to 40 MPH around the indoor track to the laser fight indoor arenas, you set the pace of your entertainment.



As a company operating in the field of clothing retail, DeFacto started this journey in 2005 to bring a fresh perspective to Turkish fashion and to bring brand new, high quality and original designs to consumers all over the world.


DeFacto is a brand that was born in Turkey and realized its goal of becoming a global brand. DeFacto has adopted innovation as a corporate culture and has created sub-brands for everyone’s needs in this direction. Today, together with DeFacto Baby, DeFacto COOOL, DeFacto Fit, DeFacto STUDIO, DF LIFE, DF Plus sub-brands, DeFacto continues to touch the lives of consumers in more than 100 countries and more than 500 stores.


DeFacto, which is positioned as the founder of the concept of “Accessible Fashion” and the pioneer of innovations, offers a variety of products that will allow the consumer to feel the change, with quality products and accessible prices, together with its experienced and innovative design team, which has a place in the wardrobe of individuals from all walks of life; continues to work with all its strength to make this mission sustainable.

Store Number No.79

Contact Info Tel: +2010 334 558 58


New Balance

Store Number 75

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 Footloose is a multi-brand footwear concept with a wide fashion selection of global high-end casual footwear brands from Crocs, Merrell, Sprox, CAT, Skechers, CUBS, Hush Puppies, and Leomil. With more than 40 stores all over Egypt; Footloose target is to deliver multiple selections of different styles and colors to attract various customer needs and tastes, for all genders Men, Women, Juniors, and Kids.

Store Number 300

Contact Info Tel: 01000084014
Email: [email protected]

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Activ is one of the best local brands that has taken place in the market since 1980. Our main focuses are on Sportswear: footwear, clothes, accessories as well as casual wear.
Being a day-to-day brand, we are working on trendy designs and materials to improve sports activities for upcoming generations in Egypt and Worldwide.

 اكتيف هي واحدة من أفضل العلامات التجارية المحلية الشهيرة في السوق المصري منذ عام ١٩٨٠م.

نعمل على التركيز بشكل رئيسي على الملابس الرياضية من احذية وملابس واكسسوارات بالإضافة إلى الملابس العصرية السريعة.
ولاننا نعمل على تطوير تصميماتنا باستمرار لمواكبة التغيرات اليومية لتحسين الأنشطة الرياضية للأجيال القادمة في مصر وجميع أنحاء العالم.

Store Number A248

Contact Info Tel: 0233783088
Email: [email protected]

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Whatever Pair you are looking for, style and comfort, affordability and elegance, bag and shoes, at PIXI it will always be the Perfect Pair. Ten years of dedication to fashion and quality has made PIXI the ultimate name in shoes and bags. PIXI has put the hard yard to make it trendy, affordable, and comfortable. Enjoy every step.

facebook/pixicollezione  & instagram/pixicollezione

Store Number 77-77A-77B

Contact Info Tel: 01100121179
Email: [email protected]


Little Concrete

Concrete is about a dream being accomplished, a vision materializing, a brand stitched with dedication & passion since its establishment in 1989. Today, Concrete represents a promise given to customers of the best apparel experience throughout each stage of their lives. Concrete reflects a companion made with premium quality, superior fabrics and level of modernity that fits today’s realm. We always serve the best-in-class quality garments matching the world’s standards.

كونكريت هى حلم يتحقق، رؤيه تتحول الى حقيقة، اسم مخيط بتفان وشغف منذ إنشائها في عام1989. اليوم كونكريت تحقق  الوعد الذى وعدته لعملائها بافضل تجربة فى مجال الملابس خلال كل مرحلة من مراحل حياتهم ،كونكريت تمثل رفيقا للجودة العالية، بأجود الأقمشة ومستوى عالى من الحداثة والذى يتناسب مع متطلبات العالم اليوم. نحن نقوم بخدمة عملائنا بأفضل جودة التى تتطابق مع معايير الجودة على مستوى العالم.

Store Number 84-85

Contact Info Tel: 0235393528

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Premaman Egypt brings you the best quality baby and toddler products in Egypt from around the world, including baby bedding, toddler bedding, baby gifts, cribs, toddler beds, baby furniture, baby clothes, baby shoes, infant car seats, strollers, toys, educational toys, retro toys, and selection of unique personalized items.

توفر لك بريماما ايجبت أفضل منتجات الأطفال الصغار والأطفال الصغار في جميع أنحاء العالم ، بما في ذلك أسرة الأطفال ، وفراش الأطفال ، وهدايا الأطفال ، وأثاث الأطفال ، وملابس الأطفال ، وأحذية الأطفال ، ومقاعد الأطفال الرضع ، وعربات الأطفال ، اللعب والألعاب التعليمية والألعاب القديمة واختيار العناصر الشخصية الفريدة.

Store Number 262-263

Contact Info Tel: 01061003480
Email: [email protected]

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Employing more than 53,731 people in over 160 countries, we produce more than 660 million product units every year and generate sales of € 14.5 billion (all figures relate to 2014). These numbers alone can easily suggest that our Group is quite a complex organisation. True. But we keep things simple, lean and fast. And we will use this approach now to tell you what our company is all about. Ready … set, go.

We think you deserve choice. We believe no one should be reduced to just one of many facets and talents. No matter whether you are an athlete looking for the best equipment, or a fashionista searching for the next trend, or both – we want to engage with you in a long-lasting relationship. Our multi-brand strategy enables us to do just that because it allows us to tackle opportunities from several perspectives, as both a mass and a niche player, always providing distinct and relevant products. In this way, our brands and their sub-brands all keep their unique identity.

Store Number 45-46

Contact Info Tel: 01228811029


Diamond Canari

Diamond Canari is an Egyptian company specializing in the production of sock and ready-made garments for men, women and children. Every intricate detail makes our product what it is today: premium quality creations, all made with the finest Egyptian cotton.

Our brand is composed of two divisions; Diamond and Canari. Diamond represents the production of classic “Fil d’Ecosse” long staple lux Egyptian cotton socks, while Canari is the ready-made garments (RMG) division, which is a range of casual wear diversified in colors, styles and materials. In fact, both divisions pride themselves on variety.

Store Number 109

Contact Info Tel: 0235393250
Email: [email protected]

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Mobaco Cottons was established in 1974 in Cairo, Egypt. It was based on a simple idea — to provide high quality yet affordable clothing.

With stores located across Egypt and Paris, we specialize in natural materials such as cashmere, wool, linen, silk and cotton. Our mission is to provide everyday wear to Men, Women and Juniors ensuring the best quality, utility, comfort and style standards.

تم تأسيس شركة موباكوللصناعة والتجارة بالقاهرة منذ عام 1974. ومن اهم اهداف الشركة توفير منتجات عالية الجودة بأسعار مناسبة. انشأنا خطوط انتاج رجالى وحريمى واطفال لتوفير كافة احتياجات العائلة بجودة عالية وخامات طبيعية مثل الكاشمير، الصوف، الحرير والقطن عالى الجودة. وذلك فى جميع فروعنا المنتشرة فى مصر وفرنسا.

Store Number 289

Contact Info Tel: 02-3539-1440
Email: [email protected]

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Carina is one of the leading companies in the design manufacturing and retail of Women Wear. Our Products suit different styles and age groups; aiming to accommodate our valued customers and based on up-to-date fashion trends.

Carina has seven main categories as follows:

Basic, Lingerie, Corset, Girly , Cotton & Comfort, Cool, Soiree.

Store Number 104

Contact Info Tel: 16678
Email: [email protected]



MINISO was jointly founded by Miyake Jyunya, the Japanese chief designer, and Ye Guofu, the young Chinese entrepreneur. MINISO advocates a fashionable and relaxed lifestyle and directs a superior products consumption pattern.

MINISO pursues a “simple, natural and quality” life philosophy and a brand proposition of “simplicity and going back to the essence”.

MINISO has been expanding globally since its establishment in 2013. It has opened more than 2,100 stores around the world and dedicates itself to providing customers with quality, creative and low-price products.

MINISO always persists in selecting fine materials from all over the world. Over 80% of the brand’s product designs originated from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, China and other countries.

Consequently, MINISO also creates a new business style, which combines fashion and leisure together, becoming a main force in the department stores and shopping centers. Realizing its advocacy of “fast fashion” towards quality life, the brand focuses on building a brand new recreational shopping atmosphere so that customers can experience a happy, fashionable and sound lifestyle in MINISO.

Store Number 32-33

Contact Info Tel: 01095850981
Email: [email protected]

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Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer Middle East is part of Al-Futtaim Group.

Established in the 1930s, the Al-Futtaim Group initially operated as a trading enterprise. Rapid development throughout the 1940s and 50s saw it establish itself regionally as an integrated commercial, industrial and services organisation, positioning itself one of the leading business houses in the lower Gulf region.

Today, it operates collectively over 40 companies bearing the Al-Futtaim name, dominates many market segments in the UAE, and has expanded its sphere of operation to include Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Jordan and soon Lebanon for the opening of Marks & Spencer.

Store Number 73

Contact Info Tel: 02-3539-4120

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LC Waikiki

LC Waikiki’s journey started in France in 1985, continuing after 1997 as a Turkish brand under the umbrella of LC Waikiki Magazacilik Hizmetleri Ticaret A.S.

Today LC Waikiki trades in 520 stores in 23 countries, with the company’s philosophy that “Everyone Deserves to Dress Well” enabling people to enjoy accessible fashion through quality products at affordable prices.

LC Waikiki, which was selected as Turkey’s “Favorite Company in the Ready-to-Wear Industry of 2013” was actually established in 1988 by the Dizdar family from Safranbolu, and the Küçük and Kisacik families from Malatya.

Store Number 78

Contact Info Tel: 02-3539-4198

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The H&M group is one of the world’s leading fashion companies – with the brands H&M and H&M Home, COS, & Other Stories, Monki. Each with its own unique identity, all our brands are united by a passion for fashion and quality and the drive to dress customers in a sustainable way. H&M offers fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way, for ladies, men and kids.


تعد مجموعة اتش آند ام واحدة من شركات الأزياء الرائدة في العالم – وبالإضافة إلى اتش آند ام، تضم المجموعة علامات أذر ستوريز، وكوس، وMonki، واتش آند ام هوم. وتتميز جميع منتجات اتش آند ام بكونها متفردة بهويتها ومتحدة بشغفها وتطلعها لعالم الأزياء والموضة، ودائماً ما تسعى إلى ضمان جودة منتجاتها وتقديمها بطريقة مستدامة لزبائنها. أزياء للنساء والرجال والأطفال

Store Number 76

Contact Info Tel: +202 24803792
Email: [email protected]

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