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From the gentle twirl of the carousel to the thrill of go-karts whizzing up to 40 MPH around the indoor track to the laser fight indoor arenas, you set the pace of your entertainment.


The Entertainer

The Entertainer was founded in 1981 in England. Today The Entertainer is the UK’s largest chain of Toy Shops, with over 170 stores nationwide. In 2012 the Entertainer expanded internationally and in only 4 years it had branches in Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Kosovo, and Malta. In 2018 The Entertainer launched its first branch in Egypt and today it is launching its 10th branch in Dandy Mall.

‎تأسست The Entertainer عام 1981 في إنجلترا. تعد The Entertainer اليوم أكبر سلسلة متاجر ألعاب في المملكة المتحدة ، حيث تضم أكثر من 170 متجرًا في جميع أنحاء البلاد. في عام 2012 ، توسعت The Entertainer دوليًا وفي غضون 4 سنوات فقط كان لديها فروع في باكستان وأذربيجان وقبرص وكوسوفو ومالطا. في عام 2018 ، افتتحت The Entertainer أول فرع لها في مصر ، واليوم تطلق فرعها العاشر في داندي مول



Store Number 297-299

Contact Info Tel: 01022208126
Email: [email protected]

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Little Concrete

Concrete is about a dream being accomplished, a vision materializing, a brand stitched with dedication & passion since its establishment in 1989. Today, Concrete represents a promise given to customers of the best apparel experience throughout each stage of their lives. Concrete reflects a companion made with premium quality, superior fabrics and level of modernity that fits today’s realm. We always serve the best-in-class quality garments matching the world’s standards.

كونكريت هى حلم يتحقق، رؤيه تتحول الى حقيقة، اسم مخيط بتفان وشغف منذ إنشائها في عام1989. اليوم كونكريت تحقق  الوعد الذى وعدته لعملائها بافضل تجربة فى مجال الملابس خلال كل مرحلة من مراحل حياتهم ،كونكريت تمثل رفيقا للجودة العالية، بأجود الأقمشة ومستوى عالى من الحداثة والذى يتناسب مع متطلبات العالم اليوم. نحن نقوم بخدمة عملائنا بأفضل جودة التى تتطابق مع معايير الجودة على مستوى العالم.

Store Number 84-85

Contact Info Tel: 0235393528

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Premaman Egypt brings you the best quality baby and toddler products in Egypt from around the world, including baby bedding, toddler bedding, baby gifts, cribs, toddler beds, baby furniture, baby clothes, baby shoes, infant car seats, strollers, toys, educational toys, retro toys, and selection of unique personalized items.

توفر لك بريماما ايجبت أفضل منتجات الأطفال الصغار والأطفال الصغار في جميع أنحاء العالم ، بما في ذلك أسرة الأطفال ، وفراش الأطفال ، وهدايا الأطفال ، وأثاث الأطفال ، وملابس الأطفال ، وأحذية الأطفال ، ومقاعد الأطفال الرضع ، وعربات الأطفال ، اللعب والألعاب التعليمية والألعاب القديمة واختيار العناصر الشخصية الفريدة.

Store Number 262-263

Contact Info Tel: 01061003480
Email: [email protected]

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MINISO was jointly founded by Miyake Jyunya, the Japanese chief designer, and Ye Guofu, the young Chinese entrepreneur. MINISO advocates a fashionable and relaxed lifestyle and directs a superior products consumption pattern.

MINISO pursues a “simple, natural and quality” life philosophy and a brand proposition of “simplicity and going back to the essence”.

MINISO has been expanding globally since its establishment in 2013. It has opened more than 2,100 stores around the world and dedicates itself to providing customers with quality, creative and low-price products.

MINISO always persists in selecting fine materials from all over the world. Over 80% of the brand’s product designs originated from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, China and other countries.

Consequently, MINISO also creates a new business style, which combines fashion and leisure together, becoming a main force in the department stores and shopping centers. Realizing its advocacy of “fast fashion” towards quality life, the brand focuses on building a brand new recreational shopping atmosphere so that customers can experience a happy, fashionable and sound lifestyle in MINISO.

Store Number 32-33

Contact Info Tel: 01095850981
Email: [email protected]

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