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H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB (publ) was founded in Sweden in 1947 and is quoted on Nasdaq Stockholm. H&M’s business idea is to offer fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way. In addition to H&M, the group includes the brands COS, Monki, Weekday, & Other Stories, H&M HOME and ARKET as well as Afound. The H&M group has 49 online markets and more than 4,900 stores in 72 markets including franchise markets. In 2018, net sales were SEK 210 billion. The number of employees amounts to more than 177,000. For further information, visit

Up to 70%

Store Number 76

Contact Info Tel: 02-3539-4126
Email: [email protected]

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Happy Vision

One of the finest galleries of the optics, which provide all optical services at the highest level of experience and scientific integrity.

Store Number 92

Contact Info Tel: 02-3539-4118
Email: [email protected]

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Fashion - Accessories


Healing center

We are a healing center that provides you with several techniques for healing, to help you treat a better life with a better health, with the help of the best professional doctors who have many years of experience and who are talented and compassionate about their job. Our healing techniques are all hands-on techniques including chiropractic, osteopathy, manual therapy, cupping and Reiki (Energy healing).

So if you suffer from General stress, colon or digestive system discomfort, spasms or pain in your neck, spine, lower back or joints it is the right time you contact us to relieve your pain with natural techniques that will save you from undergoing un-necessary surgeries or operations.

نحن مركز للشفاء يقدم أساليب عدة لمساعدتك علي حياة بصحة افضل بمساعدة افضل الدكاترة ذوي الخبره كل فى مجاله. جميع الطرق التي يقدمها المركز تعتمد بالدرجة الاولى علي الايدي البشرية دونما استخدام اي اجهزة. و طرق الشفاء التي يقدمها المركز كالأتى:

مانيوال ثيرابي                         – ريكي                         – اوستيوباثي

حجامة                             – كايروبراكتيك                 مساج علاجي / استرخائي

لذلك ان كنت تعاني من اي ضغوط نفسية او توتر او مشاكل في الجهاز الهضمي او القولون او الام بفقرات الرقبه او العمود الفقري او الركبتين فانه يمكنك الشعور بالراحة والشفاء من كل ذلك فقط اتصل بنا وقم بتحديد موعد مع افضل الدكاترة لدينا فقد يتم علاجك دون الحاجة الي اي عمليات جراحيه لا تحتاج اليها.


Store Number B4-B5

Contact Info Tel: 01001587132
Email: [email protected]

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Pharmacy & Medical



HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations. We serve around 51 million customers through four Global Businesses: Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Commercial Banking, Global Banking and Markets, and Global Private Banking. Our network covers 73 countries and territories in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, North America and Latin America.

With more than 6,100 offices worldwide, we aim to be where the growth is, connecting customers to opportunities, enabling businesses to thrive and economies to prosper, and ultimately helping people to fulfil their hopes and realize their ambitions.

Listed on the London, Hong Kong, New York, Paris and Bermuda stock exchanges, shares in HSBC Holdings plc are held by about 216,000 shareholders in 127 countries and territories.

Store Number 138

Contact Info Tel: 19007

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Hub Furniture

Hub Furniture is an Egyptian Furniture company which was formed in 2016 after 18 years of experience in furniture production.

Our philosophy is to consistently deliver outstanding quality and service at the lowest possible price and we pride ourselves on our innovation towards the latest fashion trends and our exceptional customer service we provide to our customers.

We work with furniture experts from all over the world to produce outstanding quality products at very competitive prices for all around your home including the living room, dining room, bedroom, and outdoor furniture.

هب فرنتشر, شركة اثاث مصرية تم تأسيسها في 2016, وذلك بعد خبرة 18 سنة فى مجال صناعة الأثاث, تسعى دائماً لتقديم منتجات ذات قيمة و جودة عالية بالاضافة الى الخدمات المميزة, ضمان 5 سنوات, التركيب المجاني و خدمة التوصيل إلى كافة انحاء الجمهورية .

نعمل مع الخبراء من حول العالم لإنتاج منتجات ذات جودة عالية بأسعار تنافسية , بالاضافة إلى تصنيع منتجات بتصميمات متنوعة من “غرف السفرة, النوم و الانتريهات” و بمختلف انواع الاخشاب “الطبيعية و المصنعة ” لتتناسب مع احتياجات عملائنا .

نعمل مع المصممين الذين يستمدون إلهامهم من التصميمات العالمية بهدف تقديم أثاث مميز ذو جودة وبأسعار مناسبة لنصل لأوسع نطاق ممكن من العملاء بمختلف الاعمار و الاذواق لتمكنهم من فرش مختلف المنازل الكلاسيكية, التقليدية والحديثة.  

Store Number First & Second Floor No.143

Contact Info Tel: 15135
Email: [email protected]

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Home Furnishing