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Banque Misr

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Baraka Group has paved the way for luxury optics and fashion eyewear in Egypt. The company’s solid local presence has and continues to lead the market in unparalleled brand positioning and unyielding industry credibility. Admittedly, Baraka Group has developed a wide-reaching distribution network with multiple stores covering all critical areas in Egypt. With a strong and well balanced brand portfolio, the extensive range of products available at the Baraka and Bareeq [sister company] stores include some of today’s trendiest designer labels.

It all began in the early eighties when Baraka Group established its first branch situated in El Korba. Identifying itself as a cozy boutique with a consumer strategy of treating its customers like personal friends, the store could not avoid becoming an immediate hit. Staffed with highly-trained, licensed opticians that provide the clientele with the highest standard of customer service and consultation for eyewear and lenses, Baraka also became the go-to outlet for the finicky buyers whose requests could not be met by the average optician.

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Store Number 34

Contact Info Tel: 19848
Email: [email protected]

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Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works is one of the world’s leading speciality retailers of fashion fragrances for your body and your home. Today the speciality retailer sells its own branded product lines with Signature Collection, White Barn and Bath & Body Works Home Fragrances, Hand Soaps and Sanitizers. Bath & Body Works products are available in more than 1,900 around the world and online.

تعد باث & بودي وركس  من أبرز العلامات المتخصصة في مجال العطور العصرية للجسم والمنزل.  وتقوم هذه العلامة ببيع منتجاتها الخاصة مثل مجموعة Signature وWhite Barn وباث & بودي وركس من عطور منزلية وصابون ومعقم اليدين. تتوفر منتجات باث & بودي وركس في أكثر من 1,900  حول العالم وعبر الإنترنت.

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Store Number 106

Contact Info Tel: 0233053082
Email: [email protected]

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