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Fabyland is one of the new entertainment brands owned by Fun World International Co.

 It offers a variety of games that include all games categories for the whole family such as team games, video games, profit games, award games , kids games and skill games. With the latest and most entertaining games including Mini Miami. Happy Swing, Jump Around, climbing wall, carousel, Mini Drop Tower, Mini rocking Tug, and Bumper midi cars which will definitely fascinates all ages.

  إحدى العلامات التجارية الترفيهية الجديدة المملوكة لشركة عالم المرح الدولية للأستثمارFabyland

تقدم Fabyland

مجموعة متنوعة من الألعاب التي تشمل جميع فئات الألعاب مثل ألعاب الفريق وألعاب الفيديو وألعاب الربح وألعاب الجائزة بالإضافة إلى ألعاب الأطفال وألعاب المهارة لجميع الفئات العمرية لجميع أفراد الأسرة. مع أحدث الألعاب و اكثرها إمتاعًا وتسلية بما في ذلك سباق الخيول , التوب دانسر , تصادم السيارات , التسلق , سبيد واى , الهابى سوينج , الدروب تاور , جامب اروند , السفينة والعديد من الألعاب.

Store Number 310

Contact Info Tel: 01124494658
Email: [email protected]

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Entertainment & Kids Zones

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Faisal Islamic bank

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ATM center


First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)

FAB, the UAE’s largest bank and one of the world’s largest financial institutions offers an extensive range of tailor-made solutions, and products and services, to provide a customized experience. Through its strategic offerings, it looks to meet the banking needs of customers across the world via its market-leading Corporate and Investment Banking and Personal Banking franchises.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi in Khalifa Business Park, the bank’s international network spans over 19 countries across the world, providing the global relationships, expertise and financial strength to support local, regional and international businesses seeking to do business at home and abroad. In line with its commitment to put customers first, to Grow Stronger, FAB will continually invest in people and technology to create the most customer-friendly banking experience, and will support the growth ambitions of its stakeholders across countries in which the bank operates.

To empower its customers and clients to Grow Stronger, FAB is initiating a powerful movement, which goes beyond banking. The Grow Stronger movement represents the bank’s promise to support its stakeholders’ goals and growth ambitions, providing ideas, tools and expertise to help them become stronger, today and in the future.

Through a strong, diversified balance sheet, leading efficiency and a solid corporate governance structure in place, FAB is set to drive growth forward.

Store Number 23

Contact Info Tel: 19977

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ATM center




The voice of experience in the world of Beauty. Flormar.

Flormar, born in 1970’s in the city of Milan of Italy, carried all its production to Turkey in 1972’s starting a 40 years of adventure….

By increasing its success which was gained with the nail polish it entered the market; Flormar has become an irrevocable brand in women of Turkey’s nail polish choice. Taking its success a step forward after a short time beginning to operate in Turkey, Flormar started to offer its product range from blush to foundation, eye shadow to mascara, lip stick to nail polish with high quality and budget prices to its consumers.

Flormar presents hundreds of different products to every pleasure and need of its customer’s by a very large sales channel. According to the market researches, Flormar is one of the very well known and trusted domestic cosmetic brands. This is a very important proof that Flormar is a rare domestic brand that can reach to a large mass.

Flormar in International Market…

The high customer satisfaction and market leadership that Flormar achieved in the domestic market has leaded the company to expand to the international markets. Therefore Flormar who expanded to the international markets under its own name in 2000 now exports its products to more than 80 countries in 4 continents.

Reaching to the customer with 98 domestic Flormar mono brand stores and more than 200 foreign Flormar mono brand stores, Flormar adds a new one to its brand stores every passing day. Flormar also exists in more than 40.000 stores around the World by its wholesales channels. With its prestigious chain stores which are preferred during cosmetics shopping, promises women of the world beauty.

The importance of the quality in the process from the production to delivery is the reason of the trust to Flormar in the international markets. Quality understanding of Flormar is not limited to its quality control; Flormar tries to understand its consumers by the investments on R&D , works to serve them the newest and the most qualified product. The investments that are made in this area make Flormar one of most preferred brands.

Flormar products are produced in Kosan Kozmetik San. Tic. A.S. Gebze, TÜRKIYE facilities. Today Flormar is considered one of the strongest players in the cosmetics sector with its production areas that are spread to 15.000 and 6000 meter squared land and the capacity to produce 7 million pieces monthly.

Store Number Kiosk Ground Floor

Contact Info Tel: 01112129245

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Funky Fish

Funky Fish, founded in 1996, is an international franchise-based store concept that offers gifts and accessories for girls and young women.

More then 90% of the items which sold internationally in the stores, are designed by the experienced design team of Funky Fish.

Funky Fish operates approximately 200 stores located in Spain, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Israel, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Abu-Dhabi, Dubai and Egypt.

Funky Fishs unique ordering mechanism enables its franchisees buying directly from the product manufacturer at factory prices.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Store Number 40A

Contact Info Tel: 0235391765

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Fashion - Accessories

Fashion - Women & Lingerie