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Carina is one of the leading companies in the design manufacturing and retail of Women Wear. Our Products suit different styles and age groups; aiming to accommodate our valued customers and based on up-to-date fashion trends.

Carina has seven main categories as follows:

Basic, Lingerie, Corset, Girly , Cotton & Comfort, Cool, Soiree.

Up to 70%

Store Number 104

Contact Info Tel: 16678
Email: [email protected]

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Fashion - Women & Lingerie

Kids & Teens Shops



Carrefour is one of the largest hypermarket and supermarket chains in the world. The brand was launched in the region in 1995 by Majid Al Futtaim, which is the exclusive franchisee to operate Carrefour in 37 countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Today, Majid Al Futtaim operates over 280 Carrefour stores, serving more than 750,000 customers daily and employing over 37,000 colleagues.

Carrefour operates different store formats, as well as multiple online offerings to meet the growing needs of its diversified customer base. In line with the brand’s commitment to provide the widest range of quality products and value for money, Carrefour offers an unrivalled choice of more than 100,000 food and non-food products, and an exemplary customer experience to create great moments for everyone every day.

Carrefour first opened in Egypt in 2002, and today operates 49 stores and employs over 7,000 employees.

Store Number C4

Contact Info Tel: 16061

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Hyper Market


Castle Tech

We do:

Selling (New and Used).

Buying (New and Used).

Repairing almost all brands and models.

Software and unlock for almost all brands and models (Iphone, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc).

Store Number 130

Contact Info Tel: 010-0125-5564

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Electronics & Appliances


CAT – Hush puppies

In 1958 Hush Puppies created the world’s first casual shoe, signaling the beginning of today ‘s relaxed style. By utilizing supple suede in combination with lightweight crepe soles, Hush Puppies created a soft, breathable and very comfortable shoe—an innovation that would ultimately change the kind of shoes we wear. In an era when footwear choices were limited, Hush Puppies provided the world with a new alternative. A modern shoe embraced for its authentic style and casual flair.

Relaxed and classic in design, Hush Puppies has always defined what it means to be modern and casual. Today, Hush Puppies continues to innovate, bringing technical excellence and genuine style to over 150 countries.

A revolutionary idea—that introduced the world to the first casual shoe in 1958—continues to inspire us today.

Store Number 87

Contact Info Tel: 01110067136

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Footwear & Leather Goods



The mission and dream was to provide hair artists with a safer workplace environment – free of harsh chemicals, advanced knowledge through education and new professional only systems that could not be duplicated at home.

This is why Farouk Systems makers of CHI mission statement has always been and still is: Environment, Education, & Ethics.

Store Number Kiosk Ground Floor

Contact Info Tel: 0233023848
Email: [email protected]

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Claires is seen as one of the world’s leading specialty retailers of fashionable jewellery and accessories for young women, teens, tweens and kids. Our goal is to be the emporium of choice for all girls (in age or attitude) across the world. We deliver this by offering a range of innovative, fun and affordable products and services that cater to all of her activities, as she grows up, whenever and wherever; becoming a “Girl’s Best Friend” and her favourite shopping destination! We believe that, by maintaining a highly relevant and ever changing merchandise assortment, offering a compelling value proposition, delivered in a fun and accessible way, Claire’s® has universal appeal to teens, pre-teens and kids.

تعد علامة كليرز التجارية من أهم شركات التجزئة الرائدة عالمياً في مجال المجوهرات العصرية والإكسسوارات للبنات والفتيات. يتلخص هدفنا في أن نصبح الوجهة الأولى والمفضلة لدى الفتيات حول العالم من مختلف الأذواق والأعمار. ومن أجل تحقيق ذلك، نحرص دائماً على تقديم تشكيلة من المنتجات والخدمات المبتكرة والفريدة بأسعارٍ مناسبة تلبي احتياجاتهن في مختلف مراحلهن العمرية. ونحن على يقين أنه من خلال توفير تشكيلة مميزة بطريقة مرحة تتلائم مع مختلف صيحات الموضة وذات قيمة عالية، فإن علامة كليرز التجارية ستحافظ على مركزها المفضل عند الفتيات والبنات

Store Number 39

Contact Info Tel: 002 02 35394160
Email: [email protected]

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Fashion - Accessories

Fashion - Women & Lingerie

Kids & Teens Shops



C. & J. Clark International Ltd, trading as Clarks, is a British, international shoe manufacturer and retailer. It was founded in 1825 by Quaker brothers Cyrus and James Clark in Street, Somerset, England – where it still has its headquarters.

We are the world’s number one in everyday footwear, CLARKS Shoes one of the most comfortable shoes perfect for every day.

We have looked at the way to develop the perfect balance between looking and feeling great while being comfy all day.

-Clarks handled in Egypt by Retail Group Egypt since 2012, we started with 4 stores in Cairo ( City Stars – Sun City – Dandy Mall

– Mall of Arabia ) then followed with another 3 stores during 5 successful years ( Cairo Festival City Mall – Mohandeseen store

– Point 90 Mall and City Centre Alex )


تُعرف شركة C. & J. Clarks الدولية المحدودة، باسم كلاركس، وهي شركة بريطانية عالمية لتصنيع وتجارة الأحذية، وقد أسسها الأخوين كويكر سايروس وجيمس

كلارك عام ١٨٢٥، في موقعها بشارع Somerset, England حيث لا يزال هذا مقرها الرئيسي إلى الآن.

منذ أن بدأت الشركة في العمل وهي لا تتوانى عن العمل الدؤوب لتحقيق النجاح والتربع على قمة صناعة الأحذية ليس فقط في المملكة المتحدة بل في العالم كله أيضاً ,

ولأن كل عمل واجتهاد لابد له من حصاد وجني لثمارها فقد أصبحت الشركة بالفعل رقم واحد في العالم في مجال الأحذية، فأحذية كلاركس واحدة من أكثر الأحذية راحة

وهي مثالية للعمل اليومي ومهام كل اليوم الشاقة ويمكن للعميل ارتدائها لساعات طويلة دون الإحساس بالتعب. وقد حققت الشركة المعادلة الصعبة وهي خلق التوازن

المثالي بين المظهر الكلاسيكي الرائع والشعور بالراحة طوال اليوم.

تم جلب شركة كلاركس في مصر عام ٢٠١٢ وكان هذا إدارياً عن طريق ريتال جروب ايجيبت 2012، وقد بدأت الشركة بأربعة فروع في القاهرة وهم، سيتي ستارز،

صن سيتي، داندي مول، مول العرب ثم تلاها ثلاثة فروع أخرى خلال خمس سنوات من العمل الناجح والتوسع وهم، كايرو فيستيفال سيتي مول، فرع المهندسين، مول

ناينتي بوينت مول، وسيتي سنتر بالإسكندرية.

Store Number 50

Contact Info Tel: 0224801935
Email: [email protected]

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Footwear & Leather Goods



Up to 30%

Store Number

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Club Aldo

Our company is a leader in the footwear industry, with more than 15 years of experience, passion and product innovation.

We operate more than 30 famous footwear retail stores across Egypt. In mid-90’s there were changes in the Egyptian look and taste in fashion. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to learn how to introduce the international taste in a way that can reach the Egyptian public in reasonable prices and a wide range of variety throughout our retail network.

We improved our internal system to enhance the work flow to gain our customers’ satisfaction.

Special offers

Store Number 86

Contact Info Tel: 0235391845
Email: [email protected]

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Footwear & Leather Goods



Concrete is about a dream being accomplished, a vision materializing, a brand stitched with dedication & passion since its establishment in 1989. Today, Concrete represents a promise given to customers of the best apparel experience throughout each stage of their lives. Concrete reflects a companion made with premium quality, superior fabrics and level of modernity that fits today’s realm. We always serve the best-in-class quality garments matching the world’s standards. 

كونكريت هى حلم يتحقق، رؤيه تتحول الى حقيقة، اسم مخيط بتفان وشغف منذ إنشائها في عام1989. اليوم كونكريت تحقق  الوعد الذى وعدته لعملائها بافضل تجربة فى مجال الملابس خلال كل مرحلة من مراحل حياتهم ،كونكريت تمثل رفيقا للجودة العالية، بأجود الأقمشة ومستوى عالى من الحداثة والذى يتناسب مع متطلبات العالم اليوم. نحن نقوم بخدمة عملائنا بأفضل جودة التى تتطابق مع معايير الجودة على مستوى العالم.

Store Number 84-85

Contact Info Tel: 0235393528

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Fashion - Kids & Toy Shops

Fashion - Men