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El- Tabei El-Domyati

El Tabei El Domiaty is an Egyptian Oriental Foul and Falafel Chain that has been operating in the Egyptian market for almost 95 years ago. The business has started from a Small Car in Domiaat Selling their products to a fast growing, expanding, and technological and sustainable business now a day. El Tabei has a wide variety of related line extensions in the foul and Falafel oriental category. The chain is spread all over Giza and Cairo in high income and wealthy locations, all to be targeting high and medium classes of their customers. El Tabei is mainly specialized in:


1. Foul         2. Falafel         3. Omelets           4. 30 Different Kinds of Salads

5.Shawerma       6. Burgers         7. Fries     8. Fried Cheese

9.Lebanese appetizers           10. Desserts           11. Soda Drinks

12.Seasonal Juice.

Tel: 0235390839

Store Number 8

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