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Spotless Dry Cleaning

Est. in 2006, Spotless Dry Cleaning is a family-owned business. We love what we do and pride ourselves on service that is timely, efficient and most importantly; value-for-money, ensuring your laundry comes back as good as new.

We specialize in
– Dry Cleaning
– Wash & Iron
– Iron

We also offer:
– Sanitized doorstep delivery
– Alterations & reparations
– Spotless Express – next day delivery
– Anti-mite, waterproofing, dust mite, moth repellent, weather inaction
– Customer satisfaction or your money back guarantee
– Dry cleaning, laundry and pressing service to institutions and workshops

:من نحن
تأسست في ٢٠٠٦, سبوتلس دراي كليينج. نفخر دائما بكفائة الخدمة والتزام فريقنا بالمواعيد والأهم من ذلك القيمة مقابل السعر التي يحصل عليها العميل مع التأكد ان المغسولات ترد اليك كما الجديدة مرة أخرى.

:نحن نتخصص في
التنظيف الجاف
الغسيل والمكواه

:نحن نقدم ايضا
توصيل معقم الي باب بيتك
إصلاح ورفا
خدمة اكسبريس

توصيل اليوم التالي
ضمان استعادة الاموال في حالة عدم رضا العميل عن الخدمة المقدمة
كل خدماتنا الأساسية تقدم للمؤسسات والورش ايضا

Store Number 124

Contact Info Tel: 01274444124
Email: [email protected]

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At Springfield, you can find THE CASUAL CORNER, our iconic everyday garments to show yourself just as you are; THE COLLECTION, trendy touches full of colour and fashion details that make a difference and match perfectly with the rest our collections .

Finally the slogan for Springfield is “ As you live.

سبرينجفيلد هي علامة تجارية لملابس  للرجال والنساء ، فهي تقدم  دائمًا تصميمات مختلفة يمكن ارتداؤه في أي مناسبة ، والتكيف مع نمط حياتك مع الملابس التي تتيح  لك الشعور بالراحة

.وتتميز سبرينجفيلد بالكاجوال فهي تقدم ملابسنا لليومية بلمسات عصرية مليئة بتفاصيل الالوان والازياء التي تتناسب تماما مع مجموعتنا الباقية

Store Number 42-43

Contact Info Tel: 02-3539-3529

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Fashion - Men

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Sky zone

No wings are needed to hit the sky!
Escape the usual and Reach the outer space with SKY ZONE. The largest entertainment hub located at Dandy Mega Mall.

Sky Zone is set on an area of 1100 square meters, in order to offer an ultimate experience of air rebound by its ONE OF A KIND TRAMPOLINE, games included in the trampoline area: Free Jump, Slam Dunk, Dodge Ball, Cage Ball, Performance Wall, and Big Air Bag.
And to achieve the mission of 360’s playfulness, we took enjoyment to a whole other level, throughout the -15*15 SQM- skating area to learn & play ice hockey. Moreover, 3 virtual reality glasses are at your disposal to provide a 3D simulation for computer games.

-Trampoline 1H for 125EGP

-Skating 30mins for 50EGP

-VR 10mins for 50EGP

– Horror zone 5mins for 50EGP

Store Number 274 - 255

Contact Info Tel: 01066500006
Email: [email protected]

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Entertainment & Kids Zones

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Strikers’ Bowling

Are you looking for something fun to do? Do you want to do something that the whole family can participate in? Strikers ‘ bowling is the place to go! We are a bowling center that operates 4 lanes with bumper gutters where the whole family can enjoy the game in the same lane. We also have Billiards and Tennis table. It’s a great place to have Birthday or corporate parties in the bowling alley. Stop by striker ‘ bowling and experience the most memorable moments.

Ticket for 70EGP per person.

Store Number 273

Contact Info Tel: 01272950726

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Entertainment & Kids Zones

Kids & Teens Zones


Shorouk Bookstore

Shorouk Bookstore is an Egyptian bookstore chain dedicated to offering a unique shopping experience to its customers. Stepping into any of the stores, you will be surrounded by a wide range of books; both English and Arabic categorized in specific sections for easier browsing. In addition, Shorouk bookstore holds a number of monthly book signings and discussions; making it easier to the reader to meet and discuss books directly with their famous authors.

Store Number 267

Contact Info Tel: 02-3539-4181
Email: [email protected]

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