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Parfois is a leading women’s fashion accessories brand, launched in 1994 and is present in 50 countries with 500 stores.

With dedicated design teams in Oporto and Barcelona, Parfois’ vision is to become the best fashion accessories brand in every market it operates in.

Parfois collection is designed for a modern woman seeking the latest fashion trends, in a sophisticated and elegant look. With affordable prices and superior quality, the brand offers a wide variety of accessories ranging from handbags, wallets for trinkets in general.

Store Number 107

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Fashion - Accessories

Fashion - Women & Lingerie



Premaman Egypt brings you the best quality baby and toddler products in Egypt from around the world, including baby bedding, toddler bedding, baby gifts, cribs, toddler beds, baby furniture, baby clothes, baby shoes, infant car seats, strollers, toys, educational toys, retro toys, and selection of unique personalized items.

توفر لك بريماما ايجبت أفضل منتجات الأطفال الصغار والأطفال الصغار في جميع أنحاء العالم ، بما في ذلك أسرة الأطفال ، وفراش الأطفال ، وهدايا الأطفال ، وأثاث الأطفال ، وملابس الأطفال ، وأحذية الأطفال ، ومقاعد الأطفال الرضع ، وعربات الأطفال ، اللعب والألعاب التعليمية والألعاب القديمة واختيار العناصر الشخصية الفريدة.

Store Number 262-263

Contact Info Tel: 01061003480
Email: [email protected]

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Fashion - Kids & Toy Shops

Kids & Teens Shops

Toys & Hobbies



Pieces is a new line of stainless steel and wood products by contistahl group. it is just as the name implies, pieces that will add elegance and exquisiteness to your home. Our pieces are designed with uniqueness that catches the eye and durability of a life time.

pieces هو منتج جديد من انتاج مجموعة شركات كونتشتال .
تستخدم pieces خامتى الخشب والاستانلس ستيل فى عمل قطع اثاث فريدة ومتنوعة وذات زوق راقى ومميز مما يجعلها تتصدر السوق المصرى بجودة منتجاتها وزوقها الرفيع وستضيف اناقة الى منزلك.

Store Number 308-309

Contact Info Tel: 01001665741
Email: [email protected]

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Home Furnishing


Pido Gift Shop

Store Number 130A

Contact Info Tel: 01117669754

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Gifts & Crafts