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Opening Daily 10am: 12am

Job Title :  Customer Service Representative
Dated On :  08/07/2015
Job Desc :  Being a Customer Service Representative means that you will be part of the Mall Customer Service team, your main responsibilities will include:

* Responsible for developing an in depth understanding of Dandy Mega Mall, including the layout and location of entrances, exits, lifts and escalators, restrooms, emergency services etc. so as to effectively assist customers and provide complete and accurate information regarding any query

* Efficiently manage the customer service desk and handle customer issues, queries, problems, in a professional and courteous manner so as to achieve service standards and enhance visitor experience to the mall

* Responsible for providing high standards of customer service to visitors bearing in mind cultural sensitivities and varying levels of expectations

* Responsible for maintaining adequate stock of mall collateral and the necessary information related to current and updated mall directory, information related to on-going offers and promotions, tourist information, services available etc. at the Service desk

* Responsible for promoting ongoing promotions and giving enough information about it to the customer and encourage enrolment of the shoppers

* Responsible for proactively resolving customer complaints/ issues within the delegated level of authority or referring the problem for resolution by management, in an efficient, courteous and professional manner

* Coordinate with other service within the mall, such as mall operations, facilities management or security with respect to any issues relevant to these areas so as to facilitate response and resolution of problems related to such areas that can impact on customer perception of the facility

* Ensure all directional signage are up to date with regards to location and placement inside the mall.

Experience :  1:3 Years
Job Contact Mail :