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Etisalat is a leading international telecom company operating in 15 countries around the world. Egypt operations were launched in May 2007, with Etisalat’s entry in the Egyptian market ushering in a new era for the telecom industry there.

Etisalat Misr introduced a host of 3.5G services, such as video calling, mobile TV, mobile broadband internet, and data services. In a bolder step, 3.75G was introduced and the company assumed absolute market leadership in providing the fastest broadband internet in the market through USB modems and 3G mobile handsets.

Etisalat’s entry brought to the market an array of competitive and innovative rate plans that attracted 1 million subscribers in the first 50 days of operations. Thanks to Etisalat, mobile users in Egypt now had more options, better service quality, innovative services, and better value for money.

Today, Etisalat Misr’s robust, high quality 2G and 3G network covers and serves 99% of the inhabited areas in Egypt. Etisalat Misr is also the first and only operator in Egypt with an exclusive international gateway, and its customers enjoy competitive international rates to all destinations around the globe. To complete Etisalat Misr’s product portfolio, two well-established internet service providers (ISPs) were acquired to provide broadband services to customers at home and on the move. Likewise, Etisalat Misr is an active corporate citizen, taking every opportunity to engage in many social activities to serve various groups in Egyptian society.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) represents an ongoing commitment for Etisalat Misr. The company, which is a participating member of the United Nations Global Compact, has revolutionized the concept of CSR, introducing trends like cause-based CSR and leading several initiatives in the fields of environment, special needs, humanitarian aid, and sustainable development.

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