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At DP... am, we develop our stores around a single idea: our clothes, our children, they are one and the same ! A positioning which allows us to create, every day, fun, creative and original products, in harmony with the lively, happy optimistic world of children. So that children develop fully in their young lives, DP... am provides innovative and practical clothing, able to follow them in their movements and their games.

And if children are attracted by our recreational products, mothers appreciate our values and product range which is as complete as it is suitable ! Children, baby and shoes: by bringing together all needs in one store, we make fashion easier... every day !

With 3 store concepts, Children, Baby and Shoes , DP... am is positioned as the 0 to 14 children’s specialist. With fully scalable concepts, stores are created à la carte: from the Solo concept to the combination of two or three of them, each DP... am is unique !

At DP am, all the departments work together and move forward in the same direction(management) to register the mark(brand) in a virtuous and coherent approach(initiative).

The conception(design) in the production, by way of the marketing and the merchandising, everything is conceived(designed) for the children to respect their waits(expectations) and their needs. Behind all this, a single guideline: the children are not adults, we owe of them
Propose an offer which corresponds to them.

I’m born from passion! I have a lot of imagination... I like telling attractive stories! My life is colourful. I am often told that I have a real personality! I am original! I am cunning. My high qualities: soft but sturdy! We say about me that I am of good composition. I am easy to live... We can count on me at any time of the day: of the wake up in the bedtime, at break time, during the nap, having a walk …
Our clothes, our children … Its all the same (Du pareil au meme!)

Baby boys’ cardigan
Baby girls’ down jacket
Baby girls’ smock
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