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Established in Egypt in 1989, CONCRETEs factory facilities were built in the industrial zone in 6th of October. It started off as a small company with a big dream but through steady growth and unwavering ambition, CONCRETE is now a market leader. The dream started with Amr El Hakim, founder and one of the pillars of CONCRETE. After graduating from the American University in Cairo, he pursued his passion for fashion by establishing the company and giving free reign to his designs. Later on it was acquired by ARAFA HOLDING.

From a family business to a shareholding company, CONCRETE is now part of one of the most prominent textile and clothing groups in the Middle East, ARAFA HOLDING. The size of the operations of this holding company, allows CONCRETE to be vertically integrated. In addition, the manufacturing capabilities of the group guarantee sustained dependability. This allows us to compete on an international level which is motivation to seek even higher standards.

Our shops comprise over forty stores located in the most prestigious areas of Egypt, through which we cater to the needs and tastes of the child, the teenager, and the man. We also understand that as part of the Egyptian community, we have a responsibility towards society. Donating contributions is part of our mission to help develop and advance our community.

In the last twenty years, we have fashioned the CONCRETE persona: energetic, self-confident, carefree, and elegant. Our clothes are worn with confidence and trust. For not only are we interested in fashion, but our attitude relies on style. There is a great deal of heritage behind CONCRETE fashion, and we are proud to be a leading Egyptian fashion retailer.

Fashion is seen seasonally through the choices in colors, themes, fits, and fabrics. However, style is what makes CONCRETE stand out as a unique brand, in a world where the clothes we wear reflect who we are. That is why our customers are more sophisticated, & value the importance of quality versus money.

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